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Koudous Law is not one of your typical boutique law firms, nor is it one of those major big law firms, where attorneys are just nameless numbers.

Koudous Law means we are problem solvers. Legal, Tax, Finance, Compliance, you name it. We will deal with it. As such, what makes us strong is not only our outstanding individuals but also our abundantly exclusive network of great people. Professionals of all kind. To associate some actual faces with Koudous Law, see two of our great individuals.



Germany licensed attorney-at-law, in-house lawyer, General Counsel, Japanese company owner, Executive Board Member.

Some business facts about me:

I take pride in the uniqueness of my profile. I combine advisory and consulting and make it next level. The combination of attorney, inhouse counsel, general counsel, business owner, board member in even further combination of the variety of industries my clients work in (automotive, pharma, semiconductor, BPO, gaming, esports, entertainment, crypto, anime & manga) makes me the ultimate advisor for you in terms of growth, success, quick and precise quality help.
I also am an ever so competitive gamer, played Challenger with Akali in S5 of League of Legends, unbeaten in Tekken, called the Final Fantasy Godfather and obviously an Anime-Enthusiast.

I have worked many years for SME`s  Certified International Tax Advisories in Düsseldorf. Over my 15 years working as an accountant in these companies, I have accumulated extensive experience and skills in accounting and tax compliance according to German GAAP and tax laws. I have worked for various German and international companies. I have proven to be an accountant with a hands-on-mentality and self-motivated to reach given tasks and goals. My workflow is forward looking in order to meet compliance deadlines and to avoid high-pressure situations.

I studied international management. I have always been interested in foreign cultures and languages. One of my greatest passions is traveling. With my Japanese family we travel regularly to Japan and Asia and I love table tennis.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and hope for a good cooperation.



15 years experience in tax advisory and business consulting

Some business facts about me:

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