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The combination of attorneys, in-house counsel, and international business owners allows us to just handle everything with grace.

The beginning in Düsseldorf

Even as a student there was always this lingering lust and ambition for business for Roman. Many law students or graduates start their PhD before actually working. Many go into teaching and stay within the academic environment (…and regret it after 200 years of wasting their time + increasing their debt). Also many go into becoming prosecutors, judges. For Roman, there was always only business, corporate, big names, big deals, and, most importantly, not becoming the same boring, absolutely dead inside character of an attorney.

When he started his career, he started in the beautiful capitol of North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf. After finishing the extremely not efficient law studies, followed by somewhat efficient legal clerkship (in Tokyo and Osaka, great experience), he decided he wants to go international because why only Germany when the whole world could benefit from this new approach of counsel and advice?

Starting as an employee in a midsize inter-disciplinary office (legal, tax, accounting), the focus quickly got into the Japan Desk, catering to Japanese clients from A to Z.

Thanks to the former team and superiors, who really did just everything wrong what you could possibly do wrong. Terrible character, absolutely terrible quality, no knowledge whatsoever, world leading in toxic behavior. When you start in such an environment, there should be nothing than gratitude. You learn so fast how to not advise clients an run your business (thanks guys).

The new chapter in Berlin

Pure domination – that is what we could call the beginning of this chapter. Düsseldorf + being an employee got boring. No new challenges = get out there, fast. A bit of re-adjusting, organizing and the new challenge in esports appeared. While being in esports and pioneering there, the connection to Japan always stayed. Berlin, now the new stronghold for Koudous Law, proved to be the best decision. The environment of advisors catering to the Japanese niche market in Düsseldorf is an established one (with mostly inefficient low quality lawyers and advisors overall milking their clients and burning their money) but certainly not the future. Whereas Berlin with Koudous Law is now the future, showing the market how it can and should be done and that new generation lawyer beats the old school rust.

Not only is Berlin the capital, it is also a city fitting best to our approach of “How to: Lawyer & Advise”. Berlin is fresh, diverse, open to new ideas and obviously very internationally shaped.

Starting with a very small and humble pool of private individuals, who blessed us with their early on trust and became clients, Koudous Law now has an impressive portfolio of clients of all shapes and sizes, prestigious, accomplished, old and big corporate names as well as hyper-scaling, absolutely crushing new startup companies throughout the globe.

Our Global Mission

There has always been this one question – why on earth is everybody just so inefficient? Accompanied by many additional questions. Why are lawyers (and advisors in general) dead inside? Why are they not funny? Why do they seem to not enjoy…anything? And also why, for the love of god, does nobody give the client clear advice?

“Well, it depends” – No it does not!!
“There is a risk. We can’t really say if high or low, BUT there is a risk” – That’s not even what I asked?!

“We can’t take any compliance risks” – Yes you can!! 99% business vs 1% compliance, guess who wins? Your business!

An attorney & advisor (regardless if big office or in-house) should never be the business stopper. Your advisor should be your best friend. The one the business owner goes to for help to make things possible. But somehow, things have developed into quite the opposite.

No can do, too dangerous, we can’t, you can’t, he can’t, she can’t, it can’t!
We’ve seen this too many times. So we want to be the 1% that is different. Always clear advice, clear to dos, precise language, we don’t hide behind 1 bazillion disclaimers in fear of our own clients. If something is difficult – fine, then we’ll find a workaround. Everything is feasible. Efficient, fast and precise work.
Your attorney, your best business sparring partner, your partner in crime, your tool for and road to success.
Are you ready for Koudous Law?



Germany licensed attorney-at-law, in-house lawyer, General Counsel, Japanese company owner, Executive Board Member.

Some business facts about me:

I take pride in the uniqueness of my profile. I combine advisory and consulting and make it next level. The combination of attorney, inhouse counsel, general counsel, business owner, board member in even further combination of the variety of industries my clients work in (automotive, pharma, semiconductor, BPO, gaming, esports, entertainment, crypto, anime & manga) makes me the ultimate advisor for you in terms of growth, success, quick and precise quality help.
I also am an ever so competitive gamer, played Challenger with Akali in S5 of League of Legends, unbeaten in Tekken, called the Final Fantasy Godfather and obviously an Anime-Enthusiast.
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