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One part of why working with us is just so good is that we do not limit ourselves to certain topics, areas, issues.

We regularly help and support foreign companies of all sizes but also private individuals who want to start their own business.

The business setup is a combination analyzing what exactly you want to do and finding the best legal setup. The execution then is just child’s play. This can be the full package if you want, including our own inhouse tax and accounting team, taking over financial statements, your payroll, obtaining visa for your international professionals.
We have experienced the whole scope of B2B, advised on every possible deal of all sizes, created every thinkable agreement. Really, B2B is what we eat for breakfast.

We advise our clients in all matters in any legal realm.

We have started with a strong background in labor law, as we have been employers ourselves but also been employed. There is no side and happening we have not seen yet. Terminations, agreements, hiring, recruiting, working environment — anything really. We also create handbooks and company guidelines for internal use. But here comes the thing – we have grown over the course of our professional lives to deal with any problem you have. IP infringement? Easy. Sponsoring deal? Easy. Investment round? Easy. M&A? Below easy. Litigation in any field? Easy. Really, being an attorney & advisor is just a game and we are killing it

Full scope Tax & Accounting Advisory

You need tax advice? Someone who does your payroll? Someone who does your financial statements? Consider it done. We offer the full spectrum of tax & accounting services. It gets complicated? Love that. Cross-border transactions? Transfer Pricing? Whatever you need, we will deliver it. Our clients range from freelance artists over SME to stock companies. We love big business but have not forgotten where we came from.

Compliance for us is just another word for risk management. As attorneys, we give you advice on everything that is attached to any possible risk for your company.

This includes also the full scope of GDPR and data protection issues overall. We do in-house workshops on data security, provide data security trainings, pin-point GDPR advice (together with our valued partners). We also regularly do provide full scale GDPR audits for our clients, fast and effective with clear findings and clear to dos for our clients to follow and implement.

This field of practice also includes an overall and global Security Strategy (data protection + technology). Process management – where can we improve protocols and guidance to avoid risks?

We know the industry, all stakeholders, its own economy, everything and everybody.

Roman has spearheaded, built and boosted the inhouse legal department of the world’s best esports organization in history of esports – G2 Esports located in the heart of Berlin.

Through him, we know the industry, all stakeholders, its own economy, everything and everybody. A chaotic, unstructured and just wild, very fast paced industry. Yet, he managed very well and G2 Esports today has one of the most advanced and accomplished legal pioneering roles in esports.

Wherever knowledge about Japan is needed — we are the undisputed number one.

A majority of our clients are Japanese companies of all sizes, particularly hyper-scaling startups. We are a business owners ourselves in Japan and have been advising Japanese companies for all our professional careers. This special field of practice includes every possible business endeavor that you can think of between Germany and Japan. Market entry into Germany, market-entry into Japan, business deals, no matter what industry we are talking about.

Decisive for and unique to our services around Japan and Germany are the linguistic skills. If you think you have met someone (not Japanese) who speaks fluent Japanese, let us show you what that really means. Understanding, culturally, the needs of these two countries is what we, hands down, do better than the rest.

Combine this with the vast network we are proud to have and see for yourself how easy we can setup your business.

Our Service Overview

Although we like keeping a long, healthy and successful relationship with our clients, we can provide you with pin-point advice for your on-going case. This is the more classic and

old-fashioned approach of being an attorney. This service will be done on an hourly basis.


Our legal counsel will be the right thing for you to get, if you are just not the type of company getting advice in the first place (and this somehow worked for you!). But here and then, there are big challenges, lawsuits, internal conflicts where our efficiency will be your solution.


Our legal counsel will also be the right thing for you, if you want to setup a business but just don’t know when and how to start – but once given a working environment, you want to move forward alone. We will together design your whole business plan and then help you make your experience and first steps as a business owner.

For the heavily troubled, who just do not see any way out and are on the verge of giving up, our service will absolutely be the right thing for you.

General Counsel

This is the core of our service. If we are going to maintain a good and fruitful relationship, it will be a waste of our time and your money if we have to work for and with you on an hourly basis. We love fixed retainers. Budget security and control for you, easier life and more time for us. This engagement plan contains a fixed amount of monthly hours that we will exclusively reserve for you and your business.

  • Full accessibility (we will join your Slack, Discord, LINE groups, Whatsapp, anything for fast communication)

  • There are no boundaries in terms of availability and response time (Consider us part of your leadership team, your business is our business)

  • Business mindset (We will always approach projects with a legally empowered business mindset seeking growth and success)

  • Real guidance (No bullshitting, clear action plans, YES or NO and never ever “depends”)

This service will definitely be something for you, if you need a long-term partner in crime. Someone, who you can always reach out to and talk about anything your business encounters. This service plan is the right plan for you, if you want to grow together and share experiences as founders and business owners. There is so much more to collaboration on this level – find it out.

This is really the full package. There is no more. Consider us your interim Director (manager, call it whatever you want). We will build your complete legal department from scratch, implement protocols, guidelines and most importantly make it a legal department that is a) efficient and friendly (no business stopper) and b) loved by everyone in your company. We can apply this to your whole business. There are no boundaries to us.

  • This is 100% for you, if you are a startup, you have big plans and a vision, you have a great team already but somehow the only thing that does not work well is your legal department (if any) or your legal coverage overall (collab with external counsel, your in house legal professionals). Promised – we make it work.

  • This will also be something if you are an established and successful company already – outside of Germany and now want to expand globally.

Full Tax & Accounting Service (all inclusive)

  • Our Tax & Accounting services are all inclusive, i.e. we will set up your payroll e.g. with all necessary steps and keep maintaining it every month. You can expect the full 360° tax experience from us.
  • Payroll
  • Financial Accounting (bookkeeping, monthly/quarterly VAT returns)
  • Annual Statements (according to German GAAP, BS/PL, federal gazette, eBilanz reporting to tax office)
  • Annual Tax Returns (corporate, trade, VAT)
  • Annual Income Tax Returns for your Expats
  • Extra Reporting to your investor/mother company in several languages
  • Advice on international accounting rules (IFRS, etc.)
  • Preparation of intercompany pricing documentation
  • Tax counsel on a need-basis

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